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about us

We are first responders and healthcare professionals working in Riverside County. We are responsible for providing medical care and treatment when the citizens of Riverside County call 911. Over the years Riverside County has had an excessive number of submersions. This is unacceptable and can be 100% prevented. Children should not become injured and die needlessly due to an avoidable accident. We have written a children's book called "Toby the Dolphin and Water Safety".  This book is fun and interactive as well as teaches children how to be safe in water. We also provide additional water safety tips for parents through our informative handouts

We also provide water safety education to the parents. This encompasses bathtub, pool, lake and ocean awareness and safety. We provide this program for "mom groups" and public and community pools and are available for other venues for free.  Our ultimate goal is to reduce the submersion statistics in Riverside County next year and for all subsequent years.  By raising more funds we can continue to provide free materials and attend more events and save more lives. 

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